The Mallards is a small development of twenty timber lodges set around a wildlife pond. The Park has been designed to offer each timber lodge a generous plot, surrounded by substantial landscaped grounds. The majority of the lodges over look the wildlife pond, with its numerous fish birds and wildlife. The various fish enjoy being fed and will happily take food from your hand if you dare!! The pond is home to several species of water fowl, geese, ducks, waterhens, coots etc. The pond also boasts a brick built owl tower with a resident barn owl. The remaining lodges overlook a natural grassland area, with trees and shrubs offering another wildlife habitat.

There is a well used library available to all on the park, set in the office building along with all your tourist and local information, the office is open daily for you to use as required.

River fishing is available free to all park residents. The park has one mile of private river fishing along the banks of the Witham. Residents organise several fishing matches during the season, details can be found in the office. Locally there are several popular fishing lakes, please see fishing page for further information.

Residents can enjoy several miles of farm walks, both short and long loops around the farm offering the chance to see some of the flora and fauna around the farm. There are plenty of wooden benches dotted around the walks to ensure you can sit relax and enjoy the views or catch a glimpse of the kingfisher, lapwings, pheasants, fox, hares etc or just catch your breath (please see wildlife page for further details).

Several thousand trees have been planted around the farm over the last forty years offering habitats to many different species of animal, bird and insect along with a bit of shade in the summer months and shelter in the winter months.

Please see the sale & rent pages for further details of lodges available to buy or rent.

Lodges 3

The Mallards - View West

Lodges 1

The Mallards - View South/West

Lodges 2

The Mallards - View North/West

Lodges 4

The Mallards - View North/West

Fish 1

Fish Feeding from the Lake